Rebecca Marie Brings Hope to Victims of Domestic Violence

Newly minted author and native Calgarian Rebecca Marie had her first book signing at Chapters Indigo Chinook on October 25. And she certainly has a scary, story to tell albeit an all too familiar one for many couples and families.  As a survivor of domestic abuse Rebecca Marie recounts her own true tales of being victimized in her book ‘One  Month Week Day Hour Minute Second’. Through sharing her recollections, she hopes she can make a difference in breaking the cycle of domestic violence.

Her message brings hope to those suffering and experiencing financial, emotional and physical abuse at the hands of their tormentors.

The experiences described in this book are lessons to be learned for both men and women alike:  and if you are experiencing similar challenges, you are reminded you not alone. There is assistance and resources available to you. You can take control and take the first steps to redefining your life.

And Rebecca’s first book signing was a success! There were few too many who had the opportunity to share their own stories or their friends and families’  with her that afternoon. Hopefully, for those who purchased the book, it will give comfort, and the guidance and impetus to take action.

If you are a victim of domestic violence, take steps to empowering yourself, this book will help you recognize the patterns of abuse.

Rebecca Marie is an author, mentor and public speaker. To connect with her and for more information, resources and to obtain a copy of of her memoir, visit her at 

Rebecca Marie signs her new book at Chapters Chinook, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Rebecca Marie signs her new book at Chapters Indigo Chinook.