Florida Seniors Beach Photo Shoot

Yes it is the end of summer, technically that ended on September 21. For those of us who live in Alberta, Canada that means the beginnings of cool Autumn winds. Luckily for me I have a few reminders of both sun and sea from a June shoot in sunny Florida.

I was hoping to get a few poses in before sundown at the beach in Fort Lauderdale and was about to give up on my beach bunnies when they finally showed up. These seniors were fashionably late for their beach photo shoot, as a matter of a fact about an hour give or take a few more minutes. I guess it was worth the wait?

I took a few photos on the narrow landing, only steps down to the beach, not the most convenient when you have traffic passing by.  It was twilight when I started shooting, and I managed to squeeze in a few shots before dark, sans tripod. One young man was a gentleman, he commented how ‘gorgeous’ these young ladies were. I believe that should have made their evening.

Morgan and good pal Cristina confined my time to about 45 minutes and headed off to another hot date I presume, with one or two lucky young gentlemen probably waiting in the wings.

Best friends beach shoot. Copyright Karen C Lee

Best friends cozy up. Copyright Karen C Lee

Christina strikes her beach best pose. Copyright Karen C LeeMorgan strikes her beach best best pose. Copyright Karen C Lee

The girls look their beach best. © Karen C Lee


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