A Nightmare in Bragg Creek, Alberta…continues.

Bragg Creek, Alberta can be a really scary place. Given the great flooding back in June of this year it was a pretty scary little town. We were hit quite badly. Wiping out one or two homes and establishments and significantly damaging more, most of which thankfully, are up and running again. And we certainly won’t forget the infamous video of a house rolling down the Elbow river and smashing into the only bridge connecting West and East Bragg Creek.

Both homeowners and shopkeepers are still rebuilding both the community and community spirits. So the crafty merchants and residents have got together for some friendly competition by having its first ever Scarecrow Festival.

This Scarecrow Pumpkinhead overlooks the Elbow River after what was a devastating flood for Bragg Creek residents.  In the upper left the trees have been wiped out, this is probably where the house we saw floating down the river was located.  The highway to the upper left was wiped out as well but has now been rebuilt.

Pumpkinhead scarecrow in Bragg Creek

iPhoneography. Pumpkinhead overlooks the Elbow River. © Karen C Lee

An earlier photo below of the Elbow River as it makes its way around towards the bridge. A comparison of both photos shows you how mother nature has redesigned the river banks. Little did we know what we would later face in the Spring of 2013.

A view of the Elbow River from the bridge.

A 2012 view of the Elbow River from the bridge. © Karen C Lee

Bragg Creek Scarecrow on a bike.

A snow laden scarecrow appears to ride into West Bragg Creek. © Karen C Lee

Halloween is a few short days away, so “Come Hell or Highwater”, join in on the community spirit and a little bit of festivities for the fall, in the “little town that could”. The Bragg Creek Scarecrow Festival continues till November 3.

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