A Crasher’s Glimpse Into A Punjabi East Indian Engagement Party

My first glimpse into a formal East Indian celebration was at University. I remember admiring the beautiful saris and gentlemen dressed in their finest suits as I saw the last fleeting drop of colour disappear into the conference hall, not to be seen for the rest of the evening. This time, I managed to get a little closer… but I was not a crasher really, Rupi was kind enough to allow me a glimpse into her sister’s engagement party with family and friends. Of course as expected, the colours were lively and there was lots of bling, bling: the room was decorated for a King, Queen and their guests. The ladies and young ones were beautifully attired in their finest modern and traditional gowns and jewellery. I somewhat envied their beautiful long dark hair all coiffed to the nines (memories of younger days). Handsome gentlemen of course rounded out the colourful scene in formal attire including Sikh gentlemen in colourful turbans. The house was full: I guess these kinds of parties are not to be missed! The formal engagement  took place this past February at restaurant Nirvana in Calgary.

After a timely wait, the bride proceeded in followed by her relatives and friends with gifts and baskets of good tidings for the ensuing rituals. In due course as the couple took centre stage, the groom made his formal proposal to the delight and loud applause of all and the pair were seated on their ‘throne’ to be joined by relatives for the ensuing Sagan ceremonies. Rummi and Amit were adorned and blessed with gifts of jewellery and  food. Guests were certainly fulfilled  till night’s end with the varied and delicious East Indian cuisine that did not stop coming and a dance to top off a successful evening for family and friends. The only disaster of the night was a lens that gave up on me (yes, it will be an expensive repair.)

Coming from the Caribbean where many different cultures come together as one big masala mix, the colour, food and friendly people were a pleasant reminder of former days gone by.

The happy couple will celebrate their nuptials in the fall. Wishing them of course the very best in life and love!

Punjabi East Indian engagement party

Snippets from a Punjabi East Indian engagement party










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